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A Month of SUNdays - Solar Cooking at Home -  by Sharlene Thomas. 84pps, 8.5"x5.5" spiral-bound book of recipes written for mainstream cooks, both solar and conventional. It's a practical and effortless method of discovering solar cooking, while preparing tasty meals, saving fossil fuels, and reducing your energy bills from 8% - 12% a month, depending on your location.

Solar cooking is not just for campers, communes, vegans, or classroom experiments, anymore. You will find standard, original, and gourmet recipes, using current cooking techniques and ingredients right from your kitchen.  It is a cookbook for anyone who enjoys all foods, including meats, and wants to help our planet. The 21st century chef will discover a viable method of saving fossil fuels while serving scrumptious meals!  If you haven't tried solar cooking, yet, check them out in your conventional oven!

   Solar Oven -  Here's a chance to buy the oven that inspired the above recipe book. Will be shipped directly to your door from the manufacturer so that you, too, can enjoy your favorite recipes cooked by the sun.  Find out more about solar cooking.  



SolarWeartm Carrier Set - A Sharlene Thomas original designed specifically to make solar cooking safe, easy, and efficient. This is 'The little black dress for hot bake ware' so that you can use your own pots and pans in your solar oven. No need to purchase special pans or paint glass containers. 100% cotton black Jersey knit, machine washable, absorbs solar energy and is perfectly balanced for safe placement and removal of cooking vessels in a hot solar oven with minimal heat loss or extension of cooking times. Set includes one bake ware set (top and bottom), one quart and one pint jar carrier.  Cook food in your solar oven and keep it in the SolarWear* carrier for an easy no-spill transport to family get-togethers, church suppers, etc.   



SolarWeartm Oven Heating Bag w/Filler - Create full surrounding oven heat with this 100% cotton black Jersey knit 11"x11.5" pouch filled with heat-retaining beans preheated in your microwave/conventional oven. Use the convenient sturdy handle to safely carry back and forth to your solar oven. Place on solar oven floor below leveler to create the full surrounding oven heat that's great for sous vide-type cooking. Place directly under large casseroles or pots to shorten cooking times.

SolarWeartm Oven Heating Bag w/o Filler - Same bag comes with open side for you to use your own filler beans or pebbles. Opening has a longer flap on one side to fold over and insert into the bag for easy transport. Ideal for using your own 9.5"x 10" soapstone/ceramic slabs for longer heat retention, too. Save shipping fees!

 Pysanky Eggs - It wasn't until the latter part of the 20th Century that pysanky designs began to change. As more and more people wanted to buy them for their loved ones or themselves, pysanky artists began to experiment with contemporary patterns and gift-giving season expanded beyond Easter to include all holidays.  Pysanky becomes family heirlooms, treasured through the generations. Always unique and especially yours.
  coming  Inspirational Message - Container Garden for Marriage and other relationships - This is a verse that is offered both laminated and suitable for framing. A perfect gift for brides of all ages. Inspired by a totally off-subject question during a forum on marital relationships, this message came to me as complete as it is now available. The one suitable for framing is protected by heavy-duty cardboard and shrinkwrap; the laminated version is ready to be displayed upon available.