Welcome to my e-shop for Creative Handz!  Especially, those of you who have found me through my cookbook A Month of SUNdays - Solar Cooking at Home. It's been a long haul getting here but now you can make multiple purchases using a shopping cart.  Sales tax (for North Carolinians*) and shipping will be added at checkout.  I use PayPal, which means you can either use your own account or any credit card to make your purchases.  By the way, if you don't have a PayPal account, this might be a good time to get one.  It's free and will make all future purchases online so much easier. 

Hand-crafted Items:

Although hand-crafted items may appear to be identical, there will always be small variations that make your item truly unique.  And your choices for the framed symbol and final color of our  Pysanky (Ukrainian) eggs can impart just the right meaning to your gifts.

I hope you'll enjoy our products and think of Creative Handz whenever you want to give those you love a special gift -- or, treat yourself, just because you deserve it!


*Just a reminder, fellow North Carolinians -- Sales Tax has been 'temporarily' increased to 7.75% from September 1, 2009 through July 1, 2011. 

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